Welcome to the First and Only FREE Children’s Magazine! My name is Bryan Arvelo, and I’m the founder of Roar Kids Magazine. A year ago, when my aunt bought a subscription of a children’s magazine, I wondered about the many children who can’t afford or don’t have access to magazines. Six months later, ROAR KIDS MAGAZINE was born. With the help of my supportive family, I created Roar Kids Magazine to bring FREE quality literature and art to all children around the world regardless of their background. 

I’m an entrepreneur and a college student who comes from a family of educators, writers, and artists. I have a passion for Children’s Literature and Art. I believe this to be a significant endeavor which could help many children fall in love with reading and learning. I want to bring joy and hope to all and especially the neediest children, with our online and printed versions of the magazine; the joy of learning about our world, and the hope that they can be their best if they put their minds in it. 

My goal is to create and acquire weekly innovative, fun, and engaging educational content that inspires children a love for reading and writing and helps them gain a deeper appreciation for nature, science, art, and multicultural experiences. I believe that helping others brings many rewards, and this project will make a difference in the lives of many children.

Why support our mission? Let’s be honest. Only a small fraction of children have access to a magazine subscription. If we can provide ALL children access to fun and entertaining, but highly educational material, we could help them fall in love with reading and learning at an early age. We are giving them the necessary tools to succeed. Having this magazine at home and available to all children is a great way to get them to read and learn while having fun. We also offer Teaching Guides for teachers to use our content and comply with the Common Core State Standards.

To be able to continue with this labor of love, we must acquire top-notch comics, poems, stories, articles, innovative and engaging content. We must commission excellent but costly illustrations, pictures, and videos; translate the magazine in diverse languages; order many copies of our magazine to give away for free; find affordable distribution methods; get advice from education experts, pay our staff, along with many other expenses I will not mention! 

Every month, we will send you an update of everything we are doing and how we are accomplishing our goals, so you can rest assured that we are committing ourselves to the children and our mission. Thanks for your time and support.


Bryan, today

Bryan, 7