Let's Bring Roar Kids Magazine to ALL CHILDREN!​

Roar Kids Magazine is now in the process of becoming a non-profit to serve our children better! We will continue to create, acquire, and release content but at a lower rate while we put all of our efforts towards building brand awareness and accessing better resources.

This year, we are bringing a ROAR KIDS MAGAZINE to children ages 4 to 9 for FREE. We will make reading fun while keeping them interested in a variety of subjects through the use of humor, nonfiction with a fictional approach, engaging illustrations, poems, comics, adventures, and more. We are breaking the mold by allowing ALL children to have a magazine subscription, ALL YEAR LONG. This year, we're uniting children from all over the world through great storytelling and art. 

If you like what we do, please, consider helping our mission so we can continue to bring quality literature and art to children all over the world.


What do you say? Let's ROAR!


And now you can become an RKM's Patron

Some of the benefits:

  • You'll help us keep our magazine FREE for ALL children to enjoy

  • You'll help promote literacy in a fun, engaging way

  • Special commemoration 

  • Receive printed issues once we become fully funded

  • Receive special coupons to redeem at our store

  • You'll have our eternal thanks!

We want to be able to provide as many children as possible with a copy of our magazine. Help keep Roar Kids Magazine and keep this feline from going extinct!